Hidden Valley Ski Patrol Candidate Orientation


Advantages of Ski Patrol Membership

1.   Ski/Snowboard Instruction – twice weekly sessions available from certified NSP and/or PSIA instructors

2.      Medical Training – basic first aid, outdoor medicine and first responder training

3.      Advanced training in Medical, Outdoor and Ski Skills available through Senior Program

4.      Ski Hidden Valley – whenever you wish:  must wear coat and respond to accidents

5.      Bring Family and Friends – two “comps” when you work a full shift as a volunteer

6.      Discounts on ski equipment – through the annual Pro-Form program (available after one full year of membership)

7.      Work in a Volunteer, Service Organization

8.      Meet and work with others interested in skiing and emergency medicine



Commitments to Ski Patrol (this year)

1.      Fourteen weeks of OEC classes to pass the National Ski Patrol OEC Test

2.      An OEC registration fee of $60

3.      Certification in CPR

4.      Attendance at Chair Evacuation 1st Saturday in November

5.   Requested attendance at patrol OEC Refresher 1st Sunday (after evac) in November

6.      Ski Patrol dues

7.      Purchase and stocking of a pack

8.      Attendance in Ski Patrol 101, a three week program meeting after the completion of the OEC Classes

9.      Ski & toboggan training each Wednesday eve and a weekend morn beginning last week of Dec through mid-Feb.  The 2 part final on hill evaluation is scheduled on a both a weekday eve and weekend day the 2nd week in Feb and can not be missed.



Commitments in Subsequent Years

1.      Annual dues

2.      Uniform Expenses (red parka, black ski pants, and ski/boarding equipment)

3.      Attendance in annual refresher/chairlift evac and OEC medical skills refresher 1st Saturday and Sunday in November (2 all day sessions)

4.      Participation in annual ski refresher (ski skills refresher) late Dec – early Jan

5.      Approximately 16 full patrol shifts, of which at least two are midnight sessions

6.      Voluntary Participation at Various Fundraisers Such as Fair St Louis